Thursday, October 6, 2011

An 'egg-cellent' up-cycle.

The other day we bought eggs, lots of eggs. We also rearranged our bedroom furniture to try and circumvent the giant dust vortex that had formed in the corner behind the dresser. While these two things may seem completely unrelated it led to a marvellous little piece of egg-carton engineering.

Egg carton jewellery organiser
I had to re-organise my jewellery into a different drawer and I was confronted by a huge tangle of necklaces. I realised at this moment that I rarely bother to wear any of them because when I see this giant mess in my morning rush I can never be bothered to separate out the one I want.

Cue the egg carton. A quick trim to fit in the drawer and I have the perfect way to keep them neat! It doesn't matter that it isn't pretty, it is hidden away inside my drawer. So there you go, it took me 5 minutes and will ensure that all these fantastic bits and pieces that I have collected over the years will actually make it out of the drawer from time to time.


  1. That's just too cute :)

    You were right. Our kitchen benchtops are Caesarstone. This colour:


  2. that is really interesting because I was at The Idea Store today in Champaign, IL and they just had a ton of egg cartons and I looked at them and tried to think of something I could possibly use them for. No ideas! This is a great one, though! :)

    love, polly

  3. ooooh clever! i like this a lot, expecially in that crinkled cardboard. love!


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