Monday, October 31, 2011

Backyard bomb site!

Finally we are starting work on our dear little yard, it is a major mess! There are a few obstacles that we need to work the landscaping around and that has made planning a little tricky. The bobcat came in to scrape back the surface soil (and all the weeds!) to expose the lay of the land so we have a better idea of what we have to work with.

The scraped back yard
Unfortunately, the yard is on quite a slope and we have to work around a drainage easement that runs through the yard. There is also some rock just below the surface in a few areas. We want to level out the yard so that we can get the most out of the space, so that means putting in a couple of low retaining walls and moving an awful lot of dirt.

A quick sketch of what we hope to achieve
The deck is going to end above the existing retaining wall, so there will be a few steps down to the first tier. The height of that tier will be determined by a huge rock that can't be moved, so that level will be high enough to cover the top of the rock with earth and turf over it.

There will be a few steps down to the second tier, where we will put the dog kennel and a few plants along the existing wall. The bottom tier is a couple more steps down has two large exposed rocks that can't be moved. We will expose the rocks further and make them into a feature with a few shrubs, some reeds, and a fish pond.

Finally, we will add a few tall shrubs to the back fence line to create a screen between our yard and the townhouses down the back, and replace the fence completely on the right hand side. Should be wonderful! With a bit of luck we can get it done in the next month or so. Is there anything we haven't thought of?


  1. This brings back memories of the 3 backyards we have landscaped. And all 3 had retaining walls! You have lots of work ahead of you but the end result will be so rewarding. I am looking forward to watching your garden evolve.

  2. I'm looking forward to it too! There's no way around the slope without retaining walls. I wish we could have a nice, level yard to work with but it's just not the case :)

  3. It looks great!

    How high will the walls be? Just consider how you will the the mower up and down.. We have to drag ours up stairs everytime we mow and it's a big pain!

  4. We are hoping that we can get away with one big step for each level, but the reality is that it might be 2 steps down. The yard is on such a slope now that it will take a lot to even it out.

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