Thursday, October 13, 2011

Work Zone!

You know those times when you have so much stuff to do that you barely get time to stop and smell the roses? Or, you know, whatever flowers are in season. It's like that around here at the moment!

Work Zone!
I have been so busy! Between my regular-everyday job, trying to do some more photography, planning our wedding, and the epic house renovations it has been quite the juggling act. Luckily I am pretty organised, and my list making habit has come in really handy.

There has been a bit of progress on the house, but not as much as we had hoped. The weather has not been our friend I am afraid, we are about 7 weeks behind schedule due to rain delays and subsequent scheduling issues. Frustrating would be one way to describe it!

Despite the delays we are keeping positive and getting on with the job. The roof is almost complete and we should have windows and doors installed by the end of next week. Michael is on the phone trying to delay delivery of our oven right now, because we have absolutely nowhere we can put it until the extension is lockable.

The main thing that is keeping me happy is thinking about how great our dear little house will be once it is finished!


  1. Nothing ever runs on time with building does it? Oh well, in the delays you can plan your wedding! Win Win! I hope its not too stressful for you.

  2. I've thought the same thing many times! In your case, I have no doubt it will be true!

    Hopefully now we are heading towards summer they will be able to make up some time :-)

    How far off is your wedding? Exciting times! x

  3. Hopefully they will :) Our wedding is in April.

  4. what?!?! - 7 weeks - you guys must be going crazy.
    I absolutely feel your pain.
    here's hoping the weather will settle down just a little to help you on your way.
    cheryl xox.

  5. How exciting!

    April is a lovely time of year to have a wedding.

    My sister got married in April and it was so beautiful with all the trees changing colour / starting to lose their leaves.

    Hope the planning is going well! x

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