Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A great week of progress!

Things have really been happening around here on the renovation front. With the big push on for the back section to be 'liveable' by Christmas it is all hands on deck to make it happen!

Bi fold doors ready for installation
The windows came last week and were installed. I am so glad that we went for bi folds, even though Michael just about passed out at the cost. They look so magnificent!

View from the "deck"
This is how the house looks from the back "deck". The use of inverted commas signifies the fact that there is not yet a deck at all, but that's where it is supposed to go! Looking great! The plasterers have been busy this week for certain.

View looking out from the kitchen
Finally it feels like the place is coming together. The interior walls have made a world of difference, I am beginning to think that we may have some semblance of a finished extension in time for family Christmas. Of course, I have a contingency plan because we have had that many set backs that I don't want to pin all hopes on it.

Looking out from the master bedroom
How nice do the bi folds in the master bed look? Pretty snazzy. I also figured out today that we will be able to block the line of sight from the townhouse opposite with a few strategically placed planter boxes on the balcony.

Looking into the den of the enemy
Looking from the other perspective, it is less finished! The possum is still hanging out in the roof cavity and having a grand old time causing havoc around the general vicinity.

Possum poop
Evidence of the possum invasion. He (she?) is pooping all over the damn place! We saw him the other day when we were checking out the progress. Soon the time will come when he needs to move on and relocate to his possum box.

Insulation goodness
Today they installed much of the insulation upstairs. There is a big pile of it in our walk-in robe (pictured) and it looks like it would be a bunch of fun to launch myself at it. Unfortunately, that would make for a very itchy and uncomfortable afternoon.

What a mess!
This is the pile of junk left over from the plastering process. I'm choosing to ignore the fact that my precious ghost chairs are in there amongst the mess. Michael assures me that they will scrub up fine. I am sceptical, to say the least.

Dino the bricklayer
Dino the bricklayer is my new best friend. He calls me 'Natalina' in a strong Italian accent. Every morning he says "Good-a-morn Natalina! You-a goin' to work? I-a move-a da car in to you car spok?" I like having a spok to park my car, so much more fulfilling than a car spot. Dino has been a friend of Michael's family since forever, in fact he has laid the bricks for every house that Michael has ever lived in!


  1. Hi Nat, your bifolds look great! So much natural light! Can't wait to see it all finished! Fingers crossed for before Chrissy,
    Cheers Fiona (lilyfieldlife)

  2. Wow, your house is looking amazing, I'm so jealous!

    Also, I hope the possum moves out soon, and I hope you continue to enjoy your car spok x

  3. Oooh, it's coming along!

    Fingers crossed it's ready by Christmas!

    Bi-folds look great. I open ours every chance I get!

  4. looking amazing! fingers crossed here also for some christmas readiness.
    cheryl xox.

  5. The bi-folds look great! Your poor Ghost chairs though - they need rescuing and some TLC pronto.


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