Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Persistent Possum.

When they ripped the back half of our roof off to build the extension there was an unanticipated side effect. A little possum, who I later remembered had lived in the now demolished shed, moved on in and decided to make our roof/wall cavity his new home. Uh oh. Cue a nightly possum party that has been keeping us both awake. With the windows arriving today soon little poss will be unable to get OUT of the house. So it is time to move him on.

Chateau de Possum
Poor little possum. I feel terrible that he is going to be evicted from his home, but at the same time he clearly cannot go on living in our roof cavity because a) it is killing my sleep and b) he will be trapped inside there once the plasterboard goes in. So I rang WIRES and purchased a possum nesting box for him. It has been installed in a nice, safe fork of our tree and over the next few days we will try to convince him to relocate.

Possums are really territorial and often die if relocated improperly. The current law in our state dictates that if a possum is trapped it must be released again within the boundary of your property. We would rather not have to put him through the trauma of having him trapped. The plan is to make him aware of the box, entice him to try the box, then try to be really clever and lock him out of the house. 

Phase one went well last night; I put apple in the box, halfway up the tree, and near the base of the tree. He did pop in  because this morning all the apple was gone, but he did return to the roof at about 4am. Tonight I will try to get him in there again by the same method. I'll have to guess when he goes out to feed and once the windows/doors are in we will lock him out. He will know that he can go to the box and that the box is good. Sound like a plan? Last resort we will have to get a possum trapper in to remove him from the roof.


  1. yes, possums can be very stubborn but yours sounds like a good plan Nat, hope it works. Good luck
    Claudia xo

  2. Good luck! Hopefully he / she is a compliant possum!

  3. Good luck! We don't really have possums where I live, so I can't relate to your problem, but we do have a stray cat that hangs out in our trees so maybe that's the same?

  4. It sounds like an elephant charging around in the roof!


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