Thursday, December 8, 2011

O Shishmistee, O Shishmistee!

We put our dear little Christmas Tree (or Shishmistee) up today! So exciting. We cracked out the Bing Crosby Christmas Album and went nuts. Quite happy with how our tiny little tree turned out, actually.

Dear little Shishmistee
The Shishmistee (as it is called in our family due to a cute, young child mispronunciation) is a real live tree that we picked up at Bunnings and I am hoping I will be able to keep alive through the year. Being rather space-poor at present we had to get the littlest tree we could find. Due to some confusion as to whether the tree ought to be decorated on the first day of December or 12 days before Christmas we opted for half way between.

The decorations are mostly from Ikea and were absurdly cheap. The little red lights were a couple of bucks and operate by 2 AA batteries, so we didn't even need to work around locating near a power point. The star we used on the top is a cool crochet bauble that I butchered a bit with the scissors to stick on the top of the tree. The larger, silver baubles were a gift from my brother who just returned from a trip to Vienna.

We are so pleased with out very first Shishmistee in our Dear Little House! In the next few days I plan to get creative and make a few little decorations for around the house to use up the leftover bits and pieces that wouldn't fit on the tree. It certainly is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


  1. Your tree looks very sweet and festive! I love the range of IKEA decorations this year.


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