Friday, January 13, 2012

Childhood sweethearts, a way-too-cute story.

We've just sent off our Save The Date cards in the post, its a bit exciting! I know it's a bit late to be sending them out, but seeing as the wedding is just over three months away and I haven't even thought about designing the invites yet, we decided it was worth it! We chose to make a postcard and ordered them through

The front of our postcard

The back of our postcard
The reason that there is a school photo on the front is that we actually went to primary school together! It's a bit of a strange love story; we met in Year 4 when I was the new kid in town and we lost touch in Year 6 when Michael left to go to another school. We found each other about 4 years ago on Facebook, went for a coffee one night to catch up and, well... now we are getting married!

Our mushy proposal story only adds to the pukey-cute, lovey-dovey-ness of it all! It's a bit of a sweet story, hey? He admitted early on in our relationship that he had a bit of a crush on me in primary school, and I think maybe you can see it just a little bit in the photo. Can you believe that we are actually standing next to each other? That's us in the top row behind the teacher. Amazing!

Ready to roll


  1. That is so cute <3

    And I love your save the date cards <3


  2. What a cute love story! Great idea for save the dates, they look awesome :)

  3. I had pretty cool helmet hair...

  4. That is a very cute story and the post cards are adorable :)


  5. What a sweet romantic story! Love your save the date cards - they are fabulous.

  6. Ahh, that photo is amazing! How fun that you were right next to each other too~

    I think your save the date cards look so pretty, I love the washi tape details!

  7. I loooooove! I'm still marveling at the fact you two stood next to each other in the class photo. That's pretty amazing and rare. Yay for getting the STDs out! So excited for your wedding! :) xo


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