Friday, February 10, 2012

Dippy for dip glaze.

As you may know I already have a fairly extensive Japanese dip glazed mug collection. It's actually getting a little out of hand; I may have to 'rationalise' my collection sometime soon. That, or start having 40 people over for coffee at a time to justify it.

Dip glazed coffee set
I came across this coffee set at Balmain Road Antiques a little while ago and had to have it. Michael talked me out of it at the time because I really do already have enough mugs (and coffee sets, but that's another story). I went back a couple of weeks later with my mum and not only was it still there but it was on sale at half price!

Well, that did it! I had to have it, didn't I? Clearly it was meant to be. It is just so gorgeous with some amazing colours and tones, and such a funky retro relief pattern. Plus, it's green and I'm going with greens and blues for the new kitchen so... (can you see me justifying? I'm good at that!). I might have to sacrifice one of my other coffee sets, but that's okay because this one is just so cool!


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