Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Let there be landscaping!

The yard looks so totally amazing. You may remember that it is a difficult block to work with, and while we changed what we were going to do with it, it looks a million bucks. Somehow the yard looks bigger now than it did before we whacked a huge extension on the back of the house!

Turfed and with the start of a hedge
We ended up managing to make the yard just two tiers instead of three, a much more user friendly space. There are sunken garden beds along the back and the new fence, and garden beds that are just about level with the turf on the remaining side. We opted for simpler (and much cheaper) treated pine sleepers for all the retaining walls and the stairs going from the top tier to the lower tier.

The pond had to be moved to the top of the yard as the whole bottom corner had rock just below the surface, but on the upside it will be easily accessible from the deck. At the moment the fibreglass shell is just sitting in its hole, in the next week or two I would really like to get it set up.

We have planted along the new fence line, we chose lili pili to make a nice, even screening hedge. You can see the tops of the little saplings just poking up. I took this photo about a week ago and it is amazing how much they have grown since then! It was a total mission planting 21 shrubs that size so we are going to get tube stock for the back fence line. We haven't yet decided what we want to do along the other side.

I really can't wait until the yard is all finished and we can adopt some doggies! With the wedding fast approaching we haven't been able to spend much time out there getting it organised, and while the rain has been great for the turf, it has been less than ideal for getting any real yard work done.


  1. Its looking so great Nat. 2 levels will make it much easier to look after too I imagine.

    Countdown to the wedding is on! Very exciting. Hope the planning is going well x

  2. Ooh, doggies! How exciting!

    Your yard sounds like it will be so nice once you've done all the landscaping. I love that big tree you have in the middle too!

    1. Yeah, we're hanging out for doggies :) It's a peppercorn tree in the middle, it is really nice :)

  3. A peppercorn tree. How cool! It is looking really good and coming along nicely. Your deck must be HUGE. I am so jealous of your deck!

  4. The deck is almost done. I'm sure you have already plans about landscaping the yard. A natural or synthetic grass will surely do the trick in making this yard beautiful and incredulous. I look forward to seeing the finished project.


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