Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Old bathroom, new hallway.

You may remember our unintentional open air bathroom that happened when we started the process of joining the extension to the existing house. Well, it is no more! The new ensuite is just about done apart from a little bit of painting, so we have been able to move out ablutions upstairs allowing for the builders to knock out the old bathroom.

New hallway
How good does the new hallway look? It is so huge and open, the crazy high ceilings look beautiful. The floor has been installed there too, we're just waiting for the plasterboard to be done so the floor and stairs can all be polished. In the meantime, we need to try and minimise dirt being squished in to the timber so there are sheets and blankets all over the place. Coming along!


  1. Love the high ceiling in the hallway, really opens the space up :)

  2. Wow! Huge and open is an understatement, I can imagine you would feel like you just float up those stairs!

    I look forward to seeing this space completed.


  3. I bet you are loving a private bathroom again!

    It looks great. Hight ceilings are awesome!

  4. great progress!!!! coming along nicely. C xx

  5. Looks beautiful. Are you going to hang a big statement light fitting for the high ceiling? Would look fab

    1. Sure are! I just haven't found the right one yet...

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