Friday, April 6, 2012

Pain-ting the kitchen.

So much pain! My neck and shoulders are seriously protesting the crazy painting frenzy situation. Add to that I have a cracker of a headache from paint fumes and lack of sleep. The lack of sleep was mostly my fault- I forgot to turn my alarm off and was woken up at 6:10 on a public holiday!

The kitchen/bomb site
Also, I just got instagram on my phone. I haven't had time to explore it yet, but it is supposed to be awesome so I'm going to have to make a little time to figure it out. Wish us luck with the second coat this morning!


  1. Good luck with the second coat!!! :)

    How annoying to be woken up that early on a public holiday :(

    At, least you've still got 3 days left to make the most of it :)

    Look forward to seeing your kitchen painted.



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