Thursday, July 12, 2012

Honeymoon Highlights: Food.

We spent our honeymoon in Canada and Cuba. We went to Canada for two reasons; firstly there are not that many ways to get to Cuba and going via Canada is one of them, and secondly I lived in Vancouver for a year after I finished uni so it seemed like a good choice. I took Michael on an eating rampage in Vancouver, here are a few images of our tasty trip.

Pizza slice with that amazing sauce that we just don't have here

Tanpopo has all you can eat sushi and some awesome gyoza

A&W Teen Burger combos; amazing

The obligatory Tim Horton's

Triple O Burger; 'The Canadianest beef'

They don't call it Gyoza King for nothing

La Casa Gelato has 218 different flavours

Maple Bacon flavoured gelato

Hamburger Mary's famous milkshake

We did a lot of walking around, that's how I'm going to justify the immense pigout! It's really no wonder that we didn't come back 100 kilos heavier.


  1. Canadians are big on cheese. You often have to remind them in your orders to "hold the cheese!!" . Its great to pig out though just sometimes!!.X

  2. Thanks Nat.
    I was already hungry, and now I'm reminded of this....
    Way to make me starving for all those things which I cannot get anymore....

    What I wouldnt give for a Save On Meats Reuben sandwich and a milkshake right now

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