Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lazy days.

We have been stuck at home this weekend because both of our dear little doggies had surgery this week! They are supposed to be taking it easy and we need to keep a close eye on both of them so we have all stayed home and lazed about with the two dogs feeling rather sorry for themselves.

Poor doggies!
Luckily, both of them are recovering well. Indiana had to have some pretty major surgery to remove two tumours and an unhealthy uterus. She is a rescue dog who came to us with these issues as a result of not being de-sexed as a young dog. Please de-sex your pets! There are enough dogs in this world that need homes. Zac had to have a tooth extraction and have a thorough teeth clean, a common issue with rescued greyhounds.

Today I made Kneidlach for lunch because Michael wanted soup and the cupboard was just about bare. Luckily I found a packet of Matzo Ball mix in the back of the pantry and was able to whip up this tasty lunch. All you need is the mix, an egg, some stock, and some carrots. Too easy!


  1. Aw, poor puppies :-(

    They do look rather adorable snuggling on the same bed though.

    Totally with you on the desexing. Some dog chocolates made our girl instantly perk up while she was recovering! (typical girl haha!).

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