Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Cute Cameron.

The first thing that came out of my little brother's mouth when I told him that Michael and I were going to get married: "That's pretty good. I get to be the ring boy!" Of course, he would be! It makes you wonder where he got the idea from though?

Photography by Matthew Mead
All the boys had different cufflinks, Cam's were the sweetest little baby blue Kombi vans. He looked so cute all dressed up in a suit that matched with my Bro'maid, Hugh. I guess all eight year olds look darling in a suit, but he is one cute kid.

He was a little nervous about walking down the aisle first so I gave him a little pep talk. My mum told me later that she had tried to talk to him about it as he was getting ready and he said to her "Mum, I'm not going to discuss this with you because it is an important thing that I'm only going to discuss with Natty." Ha!


  1. Adorable! So lovely he was able to be part of your day as the ring 'boy' :-)

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