Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: The Cast and Crew

Weddings are a wonderful opportunity to get together with your closest friends and family and have a bunch of fun. Our bridal party were awesome and we couldn't have had such a fantastic day without them!

Photography by Matthew Mead

The Boys: Michael's brother Simon, his best friend Adam, Michael (of course), and our dear friend Dave -who happens to be a wedding photographer- but was clearly too busy being in the bridal party to take that on for our big day. 

Photography by Matthew Mead
The "Girls": Bro'Maid Hugh; who even offered to wear a frock and high heels if required, Me, my besties Steph and Lauren. And little bottles of Moet with straws, to be classy.

They were all just amazing and helped out so much both on the day and leading up to it. My Bro'maid even travelled all the way from Tweed Heads to be a part of the day, leaving his wife and newborn baby behind because precious little Lee was too young to travel. The bridesmaids helped out with making a bunch of DIY stuff as well. Champions.


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