Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: In the nuthouse.

I know that I have mentioned before that we had most of our photos done before the ceremony (shock and horror, what about tradition?) but I haven't talked about the location. We had our photoshoot in the abandoned mental hospital at Gladesville.

Photography by Matthew Mead
Gladesville Mental Hospital is a really beautiful place on the Parramatta river, and since all inpatient treatment was stopped there and the hospital decomissioned in the 1990s it is largely abandoned and parts of it have run derelict. There are still a few NSW Health offices on site, but there are many buildings that have been left to ruins, and one area was developed in to high density housing.

People say that it is haunted and there are ghosts. Wouldn't surprise me! According to records there are over 1200 unmarked graves on the site. It started off as a horrible place to be when it was first established in the mid 1800s, however serious advances in the way people with mental illness and mental disability are treated were made at the hospital and treatment methods developed there form the basis for some therapies still in use today.

Despite the site's history it still made a beautiful backdrop for our photographs with some truly stunning buildings and views. There are some great spots for picnics and recreation; it is popular with dog walkers and joggers, including the one that tried to take a sneaky look at us being photographed and tripped face first! For the record, she was okay.


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