Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Tripping!

It's one of those things you expect to see in a slapstick comedy; the bride tripping over and rolling down the aisle. I am sure the possibility of it happening goes through every bride's mind, especially as she is trying out her wedding shoes. Well it very nearly did happen to me!

Photography by Matthew Mead

I remember my brother telling me it was going to be a tight squeeze getting all three of us down the aisle together in a dignified manner, and I remember that the last thing I said before the music started was "Both of you make sure that you don't step on my train or I'll fall arse over tit!"

Well, one of them (neither will own up) did step on my train and with nowhere for my next step to go in that fitted dress there was a stumble. I heard the whole church full of people gasp as I managed to take a few lollypop steps, regain my footing, and crack up laughing.

Could have been a disaster!


  1. Do you know, I actually don't even remember that? I might have if you really had faceplanted the aisle, but you obviously recovered with great dignity!

    1. Haha, I literally just cracked up laughing! What else was there to do?


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