Thursday, October 18, 2012

Honeymoon Highlights: Transport.

Tranport is wide and varied in Cuba to say the least. On the same street you will have pedestrians, cars, bikes, bicitaxis, buses, and the odd horse and cart vying for position. There are no concessions for speed so if you happen to be in a fast car and get stuck behind a horse and cart, we so be it!

How cool is this sign?

A bicitaxi, fun and inexpensive transport

A line of taxis waiting outside a hotel

Public transport

Bike with shopping bag

Soviet car

More public transport

The public transportation system in Cuba is vastly different from here. Until very recently, there were no privately owned cars in Cuba and very few buses except in Havana. Horse and cart services run for factory workers from key points around the cities and all other workers carpool. The state will allocate a car to one person, who then is obliged to pick up anyone who is going the same direction as them from organised pick-up points.


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