Saturday, March 30, 2013

Painted corkboard tutorial.

This is a super easy project to jazz up a corkboard and make it a feature in any room. A great meeting of form and function, a funky addition to any interior, and a great way to help you stay organised. This project has been kicking around our dear little house for more than a year, how shameful! I bought the boards when I saw them at Ikea for about $10 and have been meaning to pretty them up ever since.

Finally got around to it! It is a super simple project and it looks phenomenal. Now that it is done I wish I hadn't waited so long! Once you have the corkboards you need painter's tape, some paint in your choice of colours (I used house paint and acrylic paint), and paint brushes.

Use the painter's tape to create shapes on your noticeboard. Where you put the tape will remain bare cork. If you didn't want bare cork you could wait for each section to dry before taping off the next section. I chose a series of rectangles for these boards. It is easiest if you choose to have a border of cork around the outside edge as it means it is less hassle to paint the timber frame.

You will likely need at least 2 coats of each colour to get even coverage. The cork is quite absorbent and therefore will be very 'thirsty' on the first coat. With the timber frame you can either simply do one coat or two light coats to let the grain show through, or several coats to cover it completely. Once the paint is touch dry carefully peel off your painter's tape. It is more difficult to remove if you leave it on for a long time and you risk damaging the cork.

So there you have it. Takes a few hours total if you include drying time and you have some very funky, very customised corkboards that you can match to your interior. I used the same paint we used on the wall so that it would tie in nicely, as well as some super contrasting neon coral and a pop of bronze.


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