Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Start sewing!

Due to a rather unfortunate incident earlier in the week we have had to replace our dog beds. Holy mother can I tell you that foam is unexpectedly expensive! It was going to cost us nearly $200 to get foam cut to fit our 2 dog beds. I figured there had to be a better way!

Indiana Jones isn't too sure about her new bed initially

Zac, however, takes to it straight away

Cue a little outing to Ikea that ended up costing LESS than having foam cut and included the bonus of getting me a new sewing machine as my vintage one kicked the bucket last year and was beyond repair.

I bought a foam mattress, some funky fabric to make a cover, and a sewing machine for less than $200. Can't go wrong! I brushed off my old sewing skills and whipped up the cover in an evening; I think it looks great and the dogs do too. Plus, now I have a sewing machine again! What to make next...


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