Saturday, May 25, 2013

The nesting has totally kicked in!

So right about the time we could start to feel out little 'Flicky Flicky' kicking in my belly the whole nesting urge kicked in for me in a HUGE way! In fact, it kind of popped in out of nowhere and has been an unstoppable force ever since. Seriously; quite unstoppable.

Before painting
After painting

We were out and about running a few errands and we weren't far from Ikea and I remembered that I needed to pick something up. Well, I saw a picture ledge while we were there and had a flash of inspiration. I went on a buying spree and before you know it it was all happening. I even convinced Michael that we needed to start painting as soon as we got home.

Between coats I went crazy filling up the picture frames that I had picked up. This is a progress pic; as you can see I haven't finish all the frames and I'm not yet 100% happy with all of the bits and pieces. I'm already in the process of changing stuff around. Typical!

I also started working on this little guy for one of the larger frames; I'm just giving my fingers a break from stitching while I post this! It really is all happening. I have a pile of fabric waiting for me to get started on a bunch of projects and more ideas keep on coming. The problem is choosing which ones to run with!


  1. I LOVE IT! I love it all!!!!!!!!
    I love it oh sooo much that I went to ikea today to do the same! (I hope you don't mind)
    I have been trying to wrap up a gallery wall in my little girl's room but scared to commit to putting so many holes in the walls and I was never getting there. Then I saw this from you and LIGHTBULB! Perfection.
    I love the little felt robot too. I love that with this idea it is so easy to add/remove/play around. Always changing!
    Love the wall colour too.

    1. Cool hey? I just knew I would be changing it all the time so I didn't want to do hooks either. I have actually changes about half of the pictures already. And a few of the frames. And their arrangement... Oh dear!

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